With free rein to reinvent the workplace of this Irvine, California-based advertising agency MASHstudios introduced a clean, modern aesthetic in a white palette including anodized aluminum accents, frosted glass, and cathedral walnut veneer wood furnishings.

In addition to new desks, Traffik needed storage units, a workstation cluster, a new conference room and several reinvented private offices. We were able to tap into the client’s brand identity for our design and carry it through all elements of the workspace. There is no doubt it is their space, they own it.”

We played with the firm’s name in the workstation, which is affectionately referred to as the “design pit,” by fitting it with covers featuring cutouts in abstract patterns to resemble the flow of automobile traffic. This same pattern appears in some of the pieces we designed for the private offices.

Project Designers:  MASHstudios

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