When Pinterest needed a new space that could accommodate the company’s rapid growth they found a San Francisco warehouse, then hired MASHstudios to give it a makeover. Working with All of the Above and First Office, we fulfilled the vision of the design team and created an environment perfectly suited to the company’s culture and their current and future needs.

Mobile hickory and birch tables with steel bases line the expansive lunch area allowing workers to enjoy a collective eating and work experience. Round, birch and hickory café tables dot the surrounding space providing an alternative dining experience. Standup tables with decorative wood side panels add depth to the space while also providing an informal area for coffee breaks. In the conference rooms, MDF tabletops rest above steel studded, polyethylene bases finished in black oxide. White laminate flexible desk arrangements feature inset power and data troughs.

Executive Architect: Schwartz and Architecture:

Neal Schwartz / Lourdes

Garcia (Project Manager)

Project Designers: All of the Above & First Office:

Janette Kim / Anna Neimark & Andrew Atwood

Photography by: Eddy Joaquim

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