Google Orange County

Google’s 91,000 sqft, four-floor Orange County office combines the lighthearted spirit rooted in the company’s values with the California culture inherent to the coast. Working with Rapt Studio, MASHstudios was able to actualize the design firm’s vision, creating pieces that would nod to the local ethos and play into the overall design scheme.

For Google’s main cafeteria space, custom booths measuring close to nine feet tall and constructed of natural oak in an array of yellow, blue, orange and red slats encircle tables made of birch and hot rolled steel. Throughout the space, specially made solid oak butcher block tables feature intricate designs of the company’s name, letters, and images of beach life.

The furniture found in the café areas successfully showcase the playful Google spirit while also directly reflecting the California way of life.

Project Design: Rapt Studio


Neustar Workstations

Neustar’s San Francisco office spans across four floors and features more than 700 MASHstudios custom height adjustable workstations. These workstations feature Red Oak butcher block tops with divider screens that provide visual privacy as well as writable whiteboard surfaces.

With just a push of a button, Neustar’s staff can raise and lower their desks to accommodate their preferred working style. Sleek metal power troughs hidden below the work surface provide easy access to power and data while remaining unobtrusive and keeping cords organized. To account for existing building conditions and to maximize usable workspace, Red Oak tops were constructed around columns.

Project Design: Studios Architecture
Photography by: Terrance Williams


Capacity TV Office

When the design and branding studio, Capacity, relocated to Burbank, CA they sought the help of Rapt Studio to incorporate their brand’s culture into the new space.

Workstations feature custom MASHstudios walnut side panels, spacious work surfaces, and metal power spines that house height adjustable bases and provide seamless cord management. These custom power spine and trough systems provide a visually clean look while allowing end users the flexibility to find their optimum desk height. Matching mobile storage cabinets with a felt covered slider fit neatly under desks.

For Capacity’s central conference room, dye-sublimation was used to transfer the company’s logo onto a hot rolled steel top. Adding to the workspace’s warmth, tongue and groove craftsmanship can be found in the walnut workstation side panels as well as on the entirety of the custom rear wall.

Project Designer: Rapt Studio
Photography by: Terrance Williams

Uber Headquarters

Uber Coffee Bar

For its redesigned San Francisco headquarters, Uber sought to create a space that would reflect its culture. An open floor plan with breakout areas throughout was developed allowing for easy collaboration for both large and small groups. Solid hickory stations with a maple veneered side panel provide personal workspace for staff throughout the office. A coffee bar features MASHstudios’ custom tables measuring in at twenty feet long.

For the company’s central command area, dubbed the “War Room,” a twelve foot, live edge, Claro walnut, slab table was constructed. Solid hickory tables with H and X shaped steel bases can be found in the company’s various other meeting rooms. An additional standing height, panel leg table made of maple creates a space for the staff to meet and brainstorm. Central power is integrated throughout each piece to ensure team members are never without battery.

Project Designers: Studio O+A
Photography by: Jasper Sanidad

Sports Merchandising Incorporate

Fanatics Office

When one of the internet’s leading providers of officially licensed sports merchandise moved into their San Franciscan office they sought a new look. Working with Urban Chalet, MASHstudios created a visually interesting environment that not only made the most of their space, but also promoted efficiency.

Dubbed the 120 Workstation after its boomerang-like design, these desks feature birch tops, powder coated loop legs and a combination of tackboard and whiteboard dividers. Matched with our classic benching systems, these configurations give each staff member optimum work space and brainstorming power.

Color also played an intricate role in designing this office with the brand’s signature color pallet working its way into private offices. Steel cover panels finished in blue and red help promote team spirit and tie the office’s design together.

Project Designer: Urban Chalet
Photography by: Dana Hoff


When the online restaurant and business review collective outgrew its smaller San Francisco headquarters, Yelp decided to take things vertical. Their new office situated in a 1920’s Art Deco structure spans 106,000 square feet across twelve different floors. With this change came the need to design spaces that would allow team members to work together easily despite their lack of proximity.

Lining the entrance to the café is a row of MASHstudios’ custom panel tables. Made of birch and white laminate with our signature LAXseries benches, the area is perfect for the company’s ever expanding staff. Bar height tables were fitted with casters to allow for easy mobility and versatility for team members in need of a meeting venue. The exposed wood edges and steel bases add to the space’s industrial, raw aesthetic.

Project Designers: Studio O+A
Photography: Jasper Sanidad

Presidio VC Office

MASHstudios worked with Feldman Architecture to create clean and modern workstations that highlight the wood detailing found throughout the firm’s current office.

White laminate workstations fitted with opaque, white dividers were crafted specifically for the staff. To fully incorporate the fresh, contemporary look, a white powder coat was applied to bases. Power troughs were fitted with a triplex cover and data ports, making them ultra-convenient and almost invisible. Large and small file cabinets, made with the same white powder coat finish, are tucked below desks to allow for organization and storage. Push-to-open engineering eliminates protruding hardware.

Project Designers: Feldman Architecture
Photography by: Paul Dyer

Rapt Studio

Rapt Studio is a giant in the field of architecture and design so when they asked us to create their new L.A. office environment we were beyond flattered. We believe that design says everything about a company and the people who work there so we made sure every element of Rapt’s new space was sophisticated, functional, and cool. To soften the rough edges of the low industrial building we introduced soft fabrics and warm wood elements. The predominant material used throughout is white laminate with a European birch core. The architectural steel bases have been given a white gloss coating. Versatile mobile storage units topped with soft, grey felt cushions fit under workstations that also include a hanging shelf specifically designed to hold drawing sets. Custom, architectural bookcases provide texture and functional space, and mobile project carts that roll under a wall-length floating shelf give project teams a place to store shared materials.

Project Designers: Rapt Studio
Photography by: Terrance Williams


Lithium’s new headquarters reflects the company’s evolution from a startup to its current status as a leader in Social CRM. MASHstudios worked with Huntsman Architecture to create pieces that showcase the company’s ethos while also allowing Lithium team members to collaborate in a variety of environments.

Lithium’s reception area features a desk made of matte white Color Core laminate. To conceal the receptionist’s computer monitor and increase the structural interest of the piece, a privacy panel was constructed in the shape of an I-beam. For additional storage, a matching credenza was added behind the reception desk. The conference table features a two-inch-thick walnut top fitted with three power and data units atop three steel bases. To support Lithium’s communal culture, MASHstudios designed a large worktable in natural walnut.

Project Designers: Huntsman Architecture
Photography by: Anthony Lindsey
Photo credit: Skyline Construction


When Pinterest needed a new space that could accommodate the company’s rapid growth they found a San Francisco warehouse, then hired MASHstudios to give it a makeover. Working with All of the Above and First Office, we fulfilled the vision of the design team and created an environment perfectly suited to the company’s culture and their current and future needs.

Mobile hickory and birch tables with steel bases line the expansive lunch area allowing workers to enjoy a collective eating and work experience. Round, birch and hickory café tables dot the surrounding space providing an alternative dining experience. Standup tables with decorative wood side panels add depth to the space while also providing an informal area for coffee breaks. In the conference rooms, MDF tabletops rest above steel studded, polyethylene bases finished in black oxide. White laminate flexible desk arrangements feature inset power and data troughs.

Executive Architect: Schwartz and Architecture:

Neal Schwartz / Lourdes

Garcia (Project Manager)

Project Designers: All of the Above & First Office:

Janette Kim / Anna Neimark & Andrew Atwood

Photography by: Eddy Joaquim