MASHstudios begins this phase by listening to our clients. Then we take their vision and combine it with research, knowledge and skills. The outcome of this effort is translated to paper. Using stunning visual presentations, our clients can see their vision coming to life.

Lasting quality requires great engineering, which is why this step receives the highest level of attention. We take Frank Lloyd Wright’s statement, “form and function are one,” to heart and finesse every detail to ensure our products are not only beautiful, but also work.

This is where our client’s vision is fully realized. We apply our knowledge of materials and production to create products of exceptional quality. At MASHindustries, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Southern California, skilled cabinetmakers and artisans are able to handle the most challenging projects in wood, stone, laminate, veneer, solid surface and exotic materials.

MASH studios creates site-specific workplace environments and custom office designs. Our products are never out-of-the-box and no two designs are alike. Overseen by Bernard Brucha.







mash industries

Every project reflects the unique culture, brand, and needs of our clients.

MASH studios sample work | bernard brucha

Our design and manufacturing processes are fine tuned. We place great importance on our craft. From design and engineering to upholstery, every MASH studios team member comes to the table with their distinct experience and skill set. We create products that exceed our clients’ expectations and are always true to form and function.

We’ve passed numerous milestones since our humble beginnings in a Venice Beach apartment. Each one has shaped who we are and how we create. Although MASH studios continues to grow leaps and bounds, we still hold on to that adventurous spirit and the sense that we can achieve whatever we dream.

The MASH studios team

The MASH studios team consists of some of the most innovative designers and engineers in the field. We also have a professional support staff dedicated to providing exceptional client service. Lead by founder, Bernard Brucha, our team brings years of experience, a remarkable set of skills and a can-do spirit to every project.

Bernard Brucha : MASH studios founder

Bernard oversees all projects from concept through fabrication. A Chicago native with a background in industrial design and a penchant for simple, beautiful details, Bernard’s goal for every MASH studios project is to help people function.

MASH studios Custom Office Design : Our Process

We study our client’s culture, clarify their needs and pinpoint specific goals and interests. We experiment with form, massing and materials, finally taking our best design ideas through a rigorous and effective development process. When we’ve reached a consensus, our engineers finesse the details.

Most ideas are tested on prototypes where we can play with details and tweak materials. It’s also where we alleviate fussy and unnecessary details that can interfere with execution and function. Some prototypes have futures, the less successful ones don’t make it to the next day.

Finally, when we’re confident that our product is ready, we oversee the production and installation of the finished work to ensure that it exceeds expectations.