We believe good design is the natural
outcome of a healthy collaborative process,
and that simple details and perfect proportion
communicate clarity, intent and harmony.

We are explorers of form and materials seeking new models of design, testing the staying power of our concepts and the durability of our products. We believe that perfect proportions are calming, details require no adornment, and design should appear effortless.

Every MASHstudios design reflects the unique culture, brand, and aspirations of our clients; no two environments are alike. Sometimes this requires that we overcome design challenges at breakneck speed. Often it involves impressive feats of engineering. Every time our clients are guaranteed a memorable work environment that is beautiful, functional, and comfortable.

When MASHstudios launched in 2002 founder Bernard Brucha set out to design and produce sustainable, evolved environments that improve the quality of the workday for people who spend the majority of their week in an office.

First he established principles to guide the studio: design and manufacture innovative furniture and systems to last, and deliver unsurpassed client service. Then he built a studio of passionate creative professionals that include engineers who ensure that concepts and reality coalesce, and design savvy go-getters who relish exceptional customer service.

Over a decade of experience has honed the MASHstudios process, we approach every project like explorers, re-imagining traditional models of workspace design, and seeking new ways to blend architecture, branding, and the workspace environment. Our answer to sustainability is to make durable objects that last. We choose to work with responsibly harvested or manufactured materials and produce minimal waste in the process.