Project Designer: Studio Hatch and Fennie + Mehl Architects
Photography by: Eva Kolenko and Terrance Williams

In keeping with the company’s roots, when GitHub began conceptualizing their new office in San Francisco they wanted to create a space that would be fun, lighthearted, and above all not ”soule-deadening.” With this, and the knowledge that roughly two-thirds of their staff works remotely, MASHstudios went to work creating an environment perfectly suited for GitHub’s needs.

Butcher block tops made from solid oak with cast-iron legs became the predominant theme throughout the space. Adjustable height desks were made using technology developed by MASHstudios to give workers versatility in their personal work environment.Wall mounted desks line the third floor walls while our basic workstations are found throughout the space, providing workers with numerous areas to roam. Octagonal desks with cold rolled steel tops and mobile legs allow for creativity within the office’s open plan. Stand Up tables of varying type dot the floor plan giving workers communal areas to work and relax.

MASHstudios was also employed to reconstruct GitHub’s own version of the White House’s Situation Room. The top features a three inch decorative mahogany profile edge along with a removable panel for floor core access. A poker table made from flat cut walnut features power receptacles located at every other corner.