Award-Winning Collaborations: Mural for AllSteel

In addition to creating Branded Furniture for leading companies, MASHstudios designs innovative products for other furniture manufacturers. This year our design for Allsteel won Interior Design Magazine‘s Best of Year Award, as well as Best of NeoCon 2022 Silver and the Interior Design HiP Award.

Mural was designed to break the grid, offering greater flexibility to the end user. Mural offers a revolutionary way of arranging individual and collaborative areas with a movable base system that allows for quick modification or total rearrangement. It is a flexible system that allows end-users to create individual workspaces and unique team spaces, building office neighborhoods that are free-flowing spaces of productivity.

MASHstudios designed a range of components and accessories that can be added to the Mural framework to create a variety of functional and aesthetic configurations. This includes everything from privacy screens and storage units to work surfaces and seating options. The framework is constructed from high-quality materials and engineered to withstand the rigors of a busy office environment, ensuring the pieces will look great for years to come. The clean lines and modern design offer a sleek and sophisticated look while maintaining a personable vibe and scale.


Mural for AllSteel Custom Furniture


By creating flexible boundaries that suit the requirements of individuals and teams, Mural provides the workforce with an attractive and practical workspace design. Beyond just separating space, Mural adds character while adjusting to the evolving needs of people and the potentialities of the future.






Introducing Focus Wall+ for Privacy and Power

Add outlets to a new space without having to rewire your entire office.

Introducing MASHstudios Focus Wall+, freestanding modular soft walls with built-in power. You can effortlessly create new private spaces that already have outlets, so you simply need to plug in. Power is also integrated directly into the structural connectors, so you can bring power to any outlet on the connected walls.

Focus Wall+ seamlessly integrates into any office, with tackable surfaces giving the end-users flexibility to personalize their work area. Sound-dampening Focus Walls add privacy and space division in open workspaces, yet are still light enough to move on a whim.

A scalable and modular solution, Focus Wall+ is the perfect choice for creating a peaceful workspace – with less effort.